Counseling dating christians


Christian counseling is for people who need deeper soul work, which involves an in depth look at your past. While past soul wounds may be discussed, the focal point is the future, and it utilizes goal-setting and positive change techniques to help you live and love better.

Preparation is the key element to achieving your relationship goals.

The counselor will meet with the parents first and get a complete family history as well as background on your child.

After the counselor meets with the child, regular meetings and briefings will be done with the parents to give them tools and techniques in parenting designed to achieve the goals they have set together.

Dating as a Christian single has its own unique challenges, such as managing sexual chemistry, the decision to re-marry or not and finding a compatible God-centered partner.

The longing of your heart is to be with someone who sees and treats you as God does in human form.

He has been helping Christian singles transform their dating lives for more than 10 years, through seminars, keynote speeches, and individual & group coaching.

Learn more: A committed relationship leading to marriage needs important tools of effective communication skills and conflict resolution. You can redefine boundaries and set a new standard.If you are dating or engaged, we help you discuss the top issues that couples conflict about in marriage.They are money, roles, sex, childrearing, in-laws, jealousy over time spent outside of the marriage, and religion.Play therapy helps children ages 4-12 express themselves through the comfortable world of play and is a proven modality to enhance children’s relationships and life skills..It helps children develop and improve self-expression, communication skills, creative problem-solving, and self-control.Individual, Marital and Family Therapy, Adolescent and Play Therapy, and Christian Life and Marriage Coaching.

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