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Above the mihrab is a stained glass window, which shows the seal of Suleiman (hexagram).On the walls of the small mosque are scratched images of boats with sails, horses and horsemen. Orta Cuma Cami mosque, Bakhchisarai Orta Cuma Cami (here on mosque used to be the main Friday prayer mosque in the city.All of them are equally important and have to be treated with respect.Islam (mostly Sunni and Shia), a traditional religion of Ukraine, played a crucial role in southern territories of modern day Ukraine for more than 500 years.Another one represents mostly young intellectuals and students who came to Ukraine either to study or to work.Majority of this group do not hold Ukrainian citizenship and less active in Ukrainian society.On the ground floor there is a library, classroom, and office. Donetsk oblast As of 2012 there are 8 mosques in Donetsk oblast: Donetsk (2 mosques), Konstantynivka, Makeevka, Mariupil, Snizhne, Torez, Shakhtarsk.

w=600" data-large-file=" w=625" /According to the mosque is located on the Palace Square to the east of the northern gate.Scholars argue that the mosque was originally roofed with domes of various sizes.The Small Khan Mosque (Crimean Tatar: Kiçik Han Cami), Bakhchisarai The Small Khan Mosque (Crimean Tatar: Kiçik Han Cami) is located in the main building and was designed for members of the Khan’s family and important dignitaries.It is financed mostly with the support of Turkish government and numerous donations.Every phase of the process is nicely described on the following web page: Nowadays again it enjoys significant revival allover Ukraine and as it has been common for hundreds of years became a key part of Ukrainian culture.

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