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If this warning is overlooked, MF is entitled to monitor the content of the communications to conclude whether the situation is still happening and is real, and to decide on further actions.The reported user may be temporarily or permanently suspended, and even to be banned from any of MF's platforms.Mobifriends will modify under its own criteria any reported texts.In particular, the texts in the "My description" and "Other interests".The suspended or banned user is not entitled to receive any compensation for early termination of the service.

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The information will not be altered or deleted, unless the storing term is surpassed.MF is committed to review all reports and to reply to the User at the contact email address.• Communications monitoring: In case that the report refers to inadequate behaviour from another user, MF may contact the reported user to inform about the situation and ask for a change of behaviour.If he decides to sign up, he is advised to read carefully "Information before contracting the service" and follow what is stated in "User recommendations".These documents can be found in these general terms of user, some particular ones can be added referred to some specific services o uses of the Platforms that may be in place temporarily, o that have additional regulations give their special features.They will under no circumstances be given to third parties.

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