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Both cities should feature on any sensible trip to Java. You can check train times & fares using English) or tiket.id (in Indonesian).It's easy to travel from Jakarta to Yogya or Solo by comfortable air-conditioned train, indeed it's the best way. Train 7 & 8 is the Argo Lawu, Eksekutif class only, air-conditioned.You must enter through a major airport or designated seaport and a return or onward ticket is required, see for details. Check-in to get your orange boarding pass by scanning your QR barcode or typing in your booking reference. This is the South Concourse departures gate at Jakarta Gambir...These are the check-in counters at Jakarta Gambir (above left) and more basic ones at Yogyakarta (above right)... A range of trains links Jakarta with Surabaya, but the best train is the Argo Bromo Anggrek, Eksekutif class only, modern and powerfully air-conditioned. Click here to view an interactive map of city parks.Address: 511 Briarwood Circle Classification: Mini-Park Type of Facilities: Playground equipment, picnic tables and park benches Type of Recreation: Passive recreation and tot lot play equipment Address: 310 Cecelia Drive NW Classification: Mini-Park Type of Facilities: Playground equipment and picnic facilities Type of Recreation: Passive recreation, free play activities and picnic tables Address: Hollywood Blvd., 26 Harbeson Ave & Mc Griff Street Classification: Special Use Community Park Type of Facilities: Softball field, restroom facilities, picnic area & playground equipment Type of Recreation: Organized softball & baseball games, picnic & playground area Address: 168 Coral Drive Classification: Community Park Type of Facilities: Lighted multi-purpose fields, restroom facilities Type of Recreation: Organized City-wide baseball and soccer programs Address: 10 Comet Street SW Classification: Mini-Park Type of Facilities: Playground equipment, picnic tables, benches and natural park area Type of Recreation: Picnicking, play equipment, and passive outdoor free play Location: 240 Hughes St NE Classification: Community Park Type of Facility: Little league field, junior league field, four lighted tennis courts, playground equipment, in-line hockey court & 1 mile fitness trail Type of Recreation: Baseball, hockey, soccer and softball programs at the athletic fields, City-wide tennis activities and playground facilities Address: 139 SE Brooks Street Classification: Special Use Community Park Type of Facility: 700 feet of water front, boardwalk, boat ramps, fishing pier, gazebo, stage, playground equipment and Emerald Coast Science Center Type of Recreation: Passive, picnics, rest area, boat ramp, fishing and special community events Address: 257 Beachview Drive, NE Location: Garniers Beach S/D – Single Family Residential Units.

Some other nationalities including Australia can get a tourist visa on arrival for a stay of up to 30 days. ) and your passport checked at the entrance gate to the platforms.It has comfortable reclining seats with footrests and a catering car.There is both a daytime service and a time-effective overnight service, although the night trains have no sleepers - these disappeared from Indonesian trains in the 1990s.The Indonesian for train is Kereta Api - literally 'fire carriage'...: How to buy tickets Eksekutif, Bisnis & Ekonomi class explained Luggage on trains Food, drink & travel tips A train ride from Jakarta to Bali in pictures Jakarta airport train link Recommended hotels on Java & Bali Useful country information: Visas, currency, etc.Jakarta - Surabaya Jakarta - Bandung Jakarta - Yogyakarta & Solo Yogyakarta - Solo Bandung - Yogyakarta - Solo - Surabaya Surabaya - Probolinggo - Banyuwangi (for Bali) It's easy to travel by train & ferry between Java and Bali, or Java & Sumatra.On the plus side, Eksekutif class seats recline to a good 30 degrees.

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