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Self-confessed satanic serial killer Miranda Barbour has started giving investigators exact locations for her alleged crimes and FBI agents are standing by to take action if the details match up with any unsolved murders, Mail Online can reveal.Barbour made global headlines after giving a sensational jailhouse interview saying she had slain scores of people, losing count at the 22 mark.

He was convicted in 1983 and is currently serving 461 years in Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward, Alaska.Their cover story usually is a Conveniently Unverifiable Cover Story.A Mole who happens to be the person the hero can turn to for expert assistance is the Treacherous Advisor.Reverse Mole is the reverse, a good guy who's been pretending to be a bad guy.(See also The Infiltration for the short-term version.) Compare Big Bad Friend (an actual friend who is nevertheless a villain), Turncoat and Les Collaborateurs.If one of the heroes had been in a romantic relationship with the Mole before The Reveal, he or she may ask "Was It All a Lie?

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