Greatfalls dating com

"The worst part is, we never thought, what if this goes bad? I go to Canada and Bozeman and the Flathead."He knows one other Turner bachelor, a guy who has managed to find a girlfriend.

"We try not to look at it like it's a huge challenge."Travis said he and Mary are still figuring out how she can make the most of her education, perhaps starting her own clinic. Sand Springs has a one-room school with five students, a small store and a church that sees about eight to 10 people on Sundays."There's opportunities and challenges anywhere you build your life," Travis said.

"Once a person gets away from college, it's harder for them to meet other people in a rural area.

But I have a son in Billings and he's encountered the same thing.

"But it's a good place to live and has good people."In his year and a half serving churches in Broadview (pop.

192) and Roundup (1,788), Father Doug Krings has married one couple, in Roundup.

Though the ratio is nothing like the days of the mail-order bride (a system that's been replaced by Farmers, Montana still skews more toward men, with 7,699 more men than women ages 20-39.

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