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Outing was a common put-down of Greek and Roman orators.Before the Christian era, sodomy was not illegal in Greek or, most believe, in Roman law, between adult citizens, but homosexual acts between citizens were considered acceptable only under certain social circumstances.They did this because he supported legislation initiated by Jesse Helms.At a fundraiser in a small town outside of Portland, the group stood up and outed him in front of the crowd.John Mc Cain's Presidential Campaign removed images of Alabama Attorney General Troy King from its website after he was outed in 2008.Frank clarified, during the 2006 Mark Foley scandal, "I think there's a right to privacy.

The Harden–Eulenburg affair of 1907–1909 was the first public outing scandal of the twentieth century.

In an attempt to pre-empt being outed, an LGBT public figure may decide to come out publicly first, although controlling the conditions under which one's LGBT identity is revealed is only one of numerous motives for coming out.

It is hard to pinpoint the first use of outing in the modern sense.

The negative impact the outing had on Sipple's life later provoked opposition Some political conservatives opposed to increased public acceptance of homosexuality engaged in outing in this period as well, with the goal of embarrassing or discrediting their ideological foes.

Conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza, for example, published the letters of gay fellow students at Dartmouth College in the campus newspaper he edited (The Dartmouth Review) in 1981; a few years later, succeeding Review editor Laura Ingraham had a meeting of a campus gay organization secretly tape-recorded, then published a transcript as part of an editorial denouncing the group as "cheerleaders for latent campus sodomites." In the 1980s, the AIDS pandemic led to the outing of several major entertainers, including Rock Hudson.

Petrelis later tried to make news by standing on the U. Capitol steps and reading the names of "twelve men and women in politics and music who ... Out Week, which had begun publishing in 1989, was home to activist and outing pioneer Michelangelo Signorile, who stirred the waters when he outed the recently deceased Malcolm Forbes in March 1990.

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