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Yamashita also blasted caves in coral reefs, and sank entire shiploads of valuables in the sea around the islands.But in the end all this hard work was for nothing – the Americans invaded the Philippines in October 1944.Emperor Hirohito appointed his brother, Prince Yasuhito Chichibu, to head a secret organization called Kin no yuri (“Golden Lily”), to organize the looting.Golden Lily teams systematically emptied treasuries, banks, factories, private homes, temples, churches, mosques, museums pawn shops and art galleries, and stripped ordinary people of what little they had, while Japan’s top gangsters looted Asia’s underworld and its black economy.Then sometime in the mid 1960’s he recovered billion from a tunnel known as “Teresa 2”, which was located 38 miles south of Manila, in the Rizal province.

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Yamashita dug massive tunels in the mountains outside Manila, some to depths of hundreds of feet, leading to the final ‘storage chambers’.

The stolen property reportedly included gems, golden Buddhas, coins, and precious metals of immense value.

Not since the Spanish conquered the Incan Empire in 1532 had the world seen such an aggressive looting campaign.

Many of these tunnels were excavated just below the water table during the dry season, which meant that they would eventually fill with water – a deterrent to any future salvagers.

And if that were’t enough, most if not all of the tunnels were booby-trapped with 1,000 and 2,000 lb bombs and poisonous gas.

The Japanese government intended that loot pilfered from Southeast Asia would finance their war effort.

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