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This may sound like champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but here is the reality: conventions, signings, store openings, nonstop traveling ("Fly coach to France for dinner with some stupid guy, then dinner in L. with some other stupid guy") and, finally, "learning how to deal with feminists." Still, she says, she owes "They taught me the work ethic." Mc Carthy even briefly lived at the Playboy Mansion, but it is no longer the garish fun house peopled by the likes of James Caan and Barbi Benton. "' California Dreamin'.' Sorry, Ray.""I like when you interject," he says. We're also going to have Jenny in a yellow polka-dot bikini poster with the two CDs for .95."Now it's very '90s, very calm," Mc Carthy says."Jenny is a very special lady, and we're proud of her," says Hugh Hefner, phoning from said mansion. The TV campaign is going to be her driving a car with a Priscilla Presley beehive – 1960s.""I change the channel, then I go into a different era," Mc Carthy says. "That's what's making me pumped on it, because it's cool.""So we're going to have a contest," says Manzella."To show you how prestigious my school was," Mc Carthy says, "when the city found out I was in every 10 minutes there were special news reports. They would interview the young girls coming out of Mc Auley, and they'd say, ' She's a slut.' I have aunts and uncles that are priests and nuns that I don't talk to anymore because of it."A furious Mc Carthy went on the air: "I said, ' The Catholic religion says never cast stones.' I'm like, ' All of you people, why don't you look in the mirror and judge yourself? "I'm totally addicted to angels," Mc Carthy says, picking up a glass one. This guy with a Long Island accent comes over and says, ' Yo, why do you got a straw in your beeah? Today, away from the cameras, Mc Carthy is calm – serene, even: "People don't see this side of me.They don't know I read, like, 800 million spiritual books.Jenny, a bubbly, outgoing girl, naively thought she was going to attend the neighborhood high school with all of her friends.Her parents had other plans: Mother Mc Auley Liberal Arts High School, a moneyed, ultraconservative Catholic girls school across town.It seems that Mc Carthy leads a fairly simple life. It's the Academy Awards."After Mc Carthy finished her Playmate of the Year duties, she began a round of TV and film auditions, whereupon she learned a few more lessons.

Soon after she arrived, she was crowned Playmate of the Year. They would say things like, ' You have to have dinner with me in order to make it in this town.' " Not without a struggle. "What I've come up with," he says, "is which is going to be a two-CD compilation of bona fide summer hits from the '60s, '70s and '80s – two CDs, 12 songs each.""Summer hits," Mc Carthy says.

Ray Manzella has managed Suzanne Somers, Vanna White, Pamela Anderson Lee and, as of two years ago, Jenny Mc Carthy.

"The Hard Rock casino in Vegas is so cool," he says. In the room, they have rock & roll channels that are insane.

"I remember walking up to get my diploma," says Mc Carthy, "and there was no applause except my little mom and dad.

I wanted to say, ' I've been nothing, nothing but nice. " they shout lustily."Then you come over here," says the announcer, "and Jenny Mc Carthy's going to be there to greet you! Off to the side of the stage, Mc Carthy, wearing high heels and shiny blue rubber pants, is chatting with her co-host, stand-up comedian Chris Hardwick.

The second of four look-alike sisters, she was raised in a "very middle, middle class" Polish neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.

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